NCQS 2017 Quilt Show

William Peace University – Hermann Athletic Center
15 East Peace Street, Raleigh, NC

May 18 – 20
Thursday 1:00 – 5:00 pm,
Friday & Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Open to the public  $8 entry fee

Quilt Show Entry Deadline extended to March 31, 2017

General Information

To enter a quilt or quilts in the show, you must be registered for NC Quilt Symposium.  You do not have to attend the entire weekend; minimum registration is one lecture.

All quilts except special techniques must have three layers (front, batting, back).  All except miniatures must have a 4” hanging sleeve on the back.  Multi-panel works should be attached to a black background (canvas, or whatever holds it) which should have the sleeve. (Dimensions on entry form should be those of the canvas.) Every piece should have a label on the back with title, maker, address and phone, e-mail. 

You may enter as many quilts as you like, but be aware that we may have space issues.  If entering more than two, please prioritize by number (on the line provided) which you want hung the most. You may enter multiple quilts in a category.

You may enter your quilts to be judged for comments and ribbons, or you may enter “Display Only”.  The only ribbon a display only quilt may win is Viewers’ Choice.

All ribbons are awarded at the Judge’s discretion.

We will divide the traditional and non-traditional, pieced, appliqué or mixed technique into size groups (small, medium and/or large) when we know numbers and sizes of quilts.  The size definitions will be chosen to equalize the size of groups as best we can. For example, we might have many traditional pieced quilts, so they will be divided into small, medium and large, using the circumferences as the defining measurement.  A smaller non-traditional mixed category may be divided into only small and large, or even left in one group, depending on the number of entries.

Category Definitions

Appliqué—The major or sole surface technique on the quilt top should be applique: hand, machine, raw edge, etc.

Duet—A quilt in which the top is made by one person and the quilting (professional or not) by another.  Finishing by either.

First Entry in a NCQS show—made by an artist who has never previously entered a Symposium Show.

Group Quilt—Any quilt made by three or more people.  Any part of the quilt can be made by any of the workers.

Miniature—A quilt made as a scaled-down interpretation of a large quilt.  This is not one full-sized block quilt, but one where all pieces, appliqué, and quilting design are scaled down. Maximum dimensions 24”x24”.

Mixed technique—roughly similar amounts of pieced and appliqué work, or large amounts of other technique.  This category also includes wholecloth quilts.

Pieced—The major or sole surface technique on the quilt top should be piecing.

Special Techniques—a grab-bag category for Yo-yos, Cathedral Windows, Crazy Quilts and any other novelty techniques that just do not fit anywhere else….do not have to have three layers.

Studio Art—Quilts made non-traditionally, specifically as wall hangings, possibly incorporating surface design techniques, embellishments etc.

Wearables—Quilted garments and/or bags.  If an outfit is entered, at least one piece of the ensemble should be quilted.  Also, please indicate number of pieces in an ensemble.


You may either deliver your quilt in person or send it by mail or carrier.
If sending, ship to: Evelyn Judson, 10601 Winding Wood Trail, Raleigh NC 7613. 
It must arrive by 14 May 2017. 

Quilt take-in will be 3:00-5:00 pm Saturday, May 13, 2017.
Bernina World of Sewing,
Oak Park Shopping Center,
6013 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612.

If you need to deliver it at another time, please contact Evelyn Judson to arrange a time.

You should insure your quilt(s) under your homeowner’s policy